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Trade, contract and private clients

Feature Furnishings aims to work in fair and ethical partnership with Clients to standards that meet or exceed the Clients’ requirements. These Terms and Conditions form the contractual framework for the relationship between Feature Furnishings and the Clients.


Acceptance of these terms and conditions is implied by the Clients placing an order either verbally or in writing (email) and they shall apply to all subsequent orders unless specifically amended.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, a 50% deposit is required. Final payment of the remaining balance shall be made up to three days after the scheduled fitting/delivery of the product(s).

Trading Arrangements

The Company reserves the right to cancel the contract without any liability for consequential loss or damage at any time prior to receipt of this initial payment.

Clients will be liable for costs (including loss of profit) incurred by their cancellation or amendment of an order (verbal or written). In certain circumstances, postponement of an order may also incur costs.

Design Advice and makeup

Feature Furnishings will agree in advance fee rates and time estimates when contracted to undertake specifying work, together with agreement on the scope of such work and any particular exclusions and limitations that may apply. Certain contracts involving the supply of goods and other services may not include additional charges for design and specifying work. In all cases the Clients must take appropriate professional advice from suitably qualified professional and trade specialists (such as Architects, Structural Surveyors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers) regarding the viability and safety of design proposals. All design advice and specification (whether subject to fees or not) is subject to this requirement and the Company shall not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the implementation of such advice or specification.

Contractual Limitations

Upon notification within seven days of delivery/fitting of  goods supplied with defective mechanisms of tracks or poles, or compromised workmanship shall be replaced or repaired without charge. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage whether direct or consequential arising out of or in connection with any of the goods supplied thereafter, but a call out charge to repair or amend work will be initiated. The Company shall be entitled to cancel or rescind the contract without liability for loss or damage if its performance is adversely affected by any war, riot, civil commotion, trade dispute, flood, accident, shortage of materials, labour, electricity, fuel or other supply or any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control.

Title, Insurance and Safekeeping

In all circumstances, Feature Furnishings shall retain title to goods until paid for in full and the Clients or their Agents or Receivers shall allow unencumbered access for recovery of such goods.

Notwithstanding the retention of title, project completion date or other contractual considerations, the Clients shall accept responsibility for the safekeeping of goods from the time they are delivered to the Clients’ premises or site. They shall accept liability for all risks including loss, damage or theft.

Prices, Specifications, Delivery

The price stated in the contract overrides any estimate or quotation, and if no price is specifically stated, any quotation is given as a reasonable estimate only and shall not be deemed to be final and binding on the Company. Unless otherwise stated, prices will be valid for a period of three months from date of quote/estimate.

Specifications for projects may be subject to change by Feature Furnishings due to the availability or suitability of specified items, but such changes shall not be detrimental to the project as a whole and the Clients will be consulted where possible on any substantive changes to specification. Specification changes requested by the Clients will be accommodated where possible, but particularly at a later stage of the project, costs may be incurred (see above). Additional items will incur an additional cost, which where practicable, will be notified and agreed upon with the Client in advance.

Feature Furnishings shall schedule fitting dates with the Clients in advance but they shall not be liable for the consequences of any delays, whether due to Third Parties, Clients or other cause.Feature Furnishings will wherever possible accommodate schedule changes requested by the Clients, but such changes may not always be possible and may incur extra cost. The Clients shall arrange adequate unhindered access to their premises or site to enable project completion as scheduled.

These terms and conditions of business shall not in any way affect the Clients’ statutory rights.

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